Progress Culture

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Corporate Philosophy

We adopted Jim Collins’ philosophy ‘Good to Great’, which we apply to everything we do.

Why do some companies go from GOOD to GREAT? It ultimately boils down to the fact that great people make a great company.

First Who, Then What? The Bus

Get the right people on the bus. Put the right people in the right seat. Get the wrong people off the bus. Build your team now for later.

Great Companies Grow Their People

Employees at Progress quickly learn that there is great potential for growth within the company. That is why we recruit the most capable individuals and provide ample opportunties for growth within the company. Progress strongly believes that today's capable individuals will be tomorrow's leaders.

  • Level 5: Executive
  • Level 4: Effective Leader
  • Level 3: Competent Manager
  • Level 2: Contributing Team Member
  • Level 1: Highly Capable Individual