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Progress Luv2Pak pioneered the environmental movement in the packaging industry and is dedicated to being an agent of change for its customers.

Progress Luv2Pak was among the first to respond to the needs of our global crisis. When the public outcry and subsequent media frenzy were first heard, it became evident that just as the environment changes, so too will the packaging world. This fundamental reality was the birth of Give Green.

Progress Luv2Pak is proud to express its commitment to the care of our planet and considers ecological impact in every decision we make. Now, more than ever, the world has embraced the reality behind human choice and its correlation with our destiny. Give Green is the symbol of our pledge to clients and consumers.

Retailers are perpetually searching for environmentally sound solutions for their packaging programs. Our experience has allowed us to face obstacles and learn from them. We are confident in our ability to deliver the most eco-conscious packaging options in the most effective way.

Our dedicated Green Team has developed a full environmentally responsible range with eco alternatives available at every price.

We proudly offer:

  • White coated and uncoated paper for bags with 40% post-consumer waste (PCW) fiber
  • Ancient forest friendly paper and cardboard for bags and boxes, including FSC®, SFI® and PEFC certified, 100% recycled and material with high levels of post-consumer waste (PCW) fiber
  • Recyclable green alternatives to lamination, such as low VOC UV, that we have perfected so that no cracking occurs and it looks and feels just like traditional gloss lamination
  • Overall in-line embossing to add a premium look at minimal cost and no impact on the environment
  • Low VOC inks and soy/vegetable-based inks
  • Reusable bag options including cotton, PE and PP (woven and non-woven)
  • Paper alternatives such as bamboo

Our North American based facility has the following certifications:

We also work closely with outside accredited manufacturing facilities, both domestically and abroad, reinforcing that from procurement to production, we are always considering the environment.

paper plantGreen Programs

Internal Green Programs

At Progress Luv2Pak, we walk the walk, and have spared no expense to lead the environmental revolution by example.

Here are some of the things we do for our beloved earth:

  • We recycle by recovering paper waste, both from the office as well as the manufacturing plant and return to the mill to make more paper.
  • We invest in machinery that allows us to recycle all of our scrap metal including printing plates, soda cans, and steel bands from paper skids.
  • We reprocess old computers and computer parts whenever possible.
  • We conserve energy with a heating and cooling system that is custom-programmed to shut down during off-hours. Our plant is equipped with ceiling fans instead of air conditioning to help control temperature as comfortably and efficiently as possible.
  • We respect clients, consumers, and employees equally, so we strive towards minimal to no heavy metals use in our packaging. We have partnered with a third-party laboratory, who will conduct heavy metal testing on any of our packaging to confirm that we are at, or below industry accepted levels.
  • We are certified users of PEFCSFI and FSC® Papers and boards.
  • Our reusable bags are lead-free.

Our Choices

The first, and perhaps most obvious form of being more environmentally responsible is to reduce the size of your package as well as reduce the quantity used. A reduction can also take the form of reducing the waste produced both in production and post-consumption, as well as the pollution levels of the manufacturing and transportation process.

Additionally, keeping an eye on the water and energy consumption can go a long way in reducing the negative environmental impact.

Packaging items that are made sturdy and durable with the right materials can be enjoyed time and time again. By reusing your boxes and bags, you avoid the necessity to create new packaging and the accompanying environmentally detrimental effects that arise out of that.

Materials that are durable, strong and sturdy such as PP, PE, Woven and Nonwoven, Cotton and Jute go a long way in their reusability. Reusability is not the only benefit of using the aforementioned materials. These items are of premium quality and can be modified to be water resistant, and can be printed with Litho-quality graphics. Reusable products are a phenomenal value-added way to achieve cost-effective advertising. Your packaging items become walking billboards that consumers can enjoy using time and time again.

Recycling is a great way to re-capture materials to make new materials where they would otherwise be tossed into the landfills. One thing is to do this yourself, the other is to spread the word to encourage recycling by users of your packaging. This can be done through providing labels to encourage proper recycling and to encourage the checking of local ‘blue box rules’.

Recycling is one piece of the puzzle. The other is to encourage the use of recycled materials in order to avoid the environmentally detrimental affects that arise out of creating packaging items from new materials. There are great recycled material options in paper, board as well as PET – which is derived from recycled water bottles.

By taking a step back and re-evaluating the materials being used in your current packaging programs, there can be significant improvements in decreasing your environmental impact by swapping out standard materials with materials that are more environmentally responsible. A few examples of such swapping follow below:

  • Paper vs. Poly
  • Recycled Material vs. Virgin Material
  • Sleek Coat vs. Lamination
  • Bamboo or Stone Paper vs. Tree Paper
  • Vegetable & Soy-Based Inks vs. Petroleum Based Inks
  • Cotton Handles vs. Synthetic Handles
  • Embossing vs. Flocking
  • Optimizing Sheet Size vs. Custom Sizes

Together with Zerofootprint, a not for profit company working to help organizations and individuals reduce their environmental footprint, Progress Luv2Pak has the ability to calculate the equivalent dollar value of the carbon usage of your packaging program. We are then able to offset this cost by reinvesting the equivalent amount of money back into the environment.

Progress Luv2Pak is proud to say that we have the following environmental certifications:

  • (FSC®)
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)/span>
  • Programmed for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) 

green-materials-stonepaperGREEN Materials

Stone Paper

At Progress Luv2Pak, we are committed to developing more eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives to materials and products traditionally used in packaging. With this in mind, we are thrilled to introduce Treeless Paper, our newest and most exciting "Green" product offering.

Tree and Pulp Free
Derived from a completely natural and sustainable resource, this material has the look and feel of paper but is not made from wood pulp. This means no trees are cut down to produce this material and no animals are displaced as a result of its production. It is made using natural stone and converted into sheets.

No Water Used or Polluted
Treeless Paper-making does not require any water to remove the acid, alkali and bleaching agents used extensively in traditional paper-making.

No Toxic Gas Emitted
Unlike traditional paper-making, this unique paper-making processes does not emit toxic gases.

Water and Oil Resistant and Antibacterial
Treeless paper is naturally water- and oil-resistant and anti-bacterial so no special coatings, chemicals or toxins are required.

100% Photodegradable
Treeless Paper will not degrade during normal use but will slowly self-degrade over time if left in direct sunlight.

Superior Print Quality
This material prints beautifully and is suitable for hot-stamping, offset, gravure and flexographic printing.


At Progress Luv2Pak, we only print using vegetable and soy-based inks that are petroleum and oil free. They contain less volatile organic compounds than traditional inks to reduce hazardous odors and gas emissions, not just for the environment, but for the people that work here.

The majority of our domestic suppliers adhere to similar standards. Offshore, we strive toward converting our print providers to do the same, whenever possible.



Why Bamboo?
Bamboo, a woody evergreen plant, is one of the fastest growing species on the planet. Its abundance and amazing growth rate has captured global attention and these properties have enabled it to become an important component in the re-greening of our degraded land. Releasing approximately 35% more oxygen than its equivalent in trees and producing a greater yield of raw material (10-30% annual increase in biomass versus 2 to 5% for trees), this renewable resource is quickly becoming one of the most environmentally friendly materials today.

Biodegradable and Recyclable
Bamboo paper is 100% biodegradable and can be recycled in your blue box along with other traditional paper products

Bamboo Paper and Printing
The bamboo plant produces a beautiful paper with a natural look and feel. Bamboo bags are strong, sturdy and superior in quality. They can be hot-stamped, offset-printed and flexo-printed.

With a harvesting rate of three to five years (verses a 10-20 year rate for most softwoods), bamboo ranks as one of the fastest growing woody plants we have today. Highly adaptable, it is able to grow in many diverse climates ranging from sea level up to 12,000 feet on every continent (minus the poles). There are over 1,500 different species growing wild across the planet with varying speeds of growth some even growing as fast as two inches an hour or one and a half meters per day.

Minimal Soil Disruption
Unlike tree deforestation, the proper harvesting of bamboo results in little to no topsoil disruption. The ability to farm this material without interference to the environment drastically reduces the possibility of damage caused by erosion.

A Super Strong Substrate
Bamboo is the strongest growing woody plant on earth with a tensile strength superior to mild steel (withstands up to 52,000 pounds of pressure per square inch).

This environmentally friendly, energy-free process produces beautiful textures on any folding box.

Performed in house, we are able to utilize the same energy required to convert boxes to emboss them simultaneously.

Our ability to do this onsite enables us to create beautiful standard and custom textures while conserving and reducing our overall energy expenditure.

Tattoo Girl ShowBag40% Post Consumer Waste

With Progress Luv2Pak, 40% PCW is Fabulous. 

We have an unparalleled range of materials containing 40% PCW that is Green, Glossy and Gorgeous.  You can have it all – a shiny, stunning, show-stopping bag and is 100% recyclable to boot!



Post-consumer waste is produced by an end consumer of a particular product.  Examples include "Blue Box” recycling collections from domestic curbside and office waste such as computer reports. When post-consumer waste is used in manufacturing, it has already gone out to consumers and is then reused in the production process. When new products are completed, the PCW goes back to consumers in new forms.

Post-consumer waste is distinguished from pre-consumer waste or post-industrial waste, which is waste generated in the manufacturing process (such as trimming from paper production or defective aluminum cans) which is then reintroduced into the manufacturing process.


The reason environmentalists specify post-consumer waste is that by including this in manufacturing, we are recycling material that could have otherwise ended up in a landfill.  By choosing to use products with PCW, a market for waste is created and thus encourages municipalities to make recycling programs a priority.


Progress has a wide range of PCW Material – we not only have access to kraft, but also to coated and uncoated white material.  This means that you can have a bag made from PCW that is white, glossy if you choose, and 100% recyclable as well.


A growing number of cities/counties in the United States have already banned poly and specified that 40% PCW paper bags must be used.


Our Green Certifications

Our Green Certifications are a strong indicator of our true commitment to environmental responsibility. We are proud to say that we are certified with Forest Stewardship  Council (FSC®)

We also have certifications with Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Conservation (PEFC).

We selected those organizations based on a rigorous selection process that ensured that they carry the same level of true commitment to the environment that we at Progress Luv2Pak do.

Together with their help, we are furthering our environmental responsibility and helping our clients create beautiful packaging programs that they can feel good about.

These certifications provide standard setting, trademark assurance and accreditation services for companies and organizations interested in responsible forestry.

landscape viewWhy Give Green

Changing personal behavior is hard. Changing global problems is even harder.

The good news is that we have reached a cultural tipping point.

The Conscious Consumer has arrived.

After centuries of neglecting natural and human resources, the conscious consumer now cares about environmental and social responsibility including fair trade and worker equality.

Conscious consumers are increasingly aware of how their actions impact local communities and small, independent businesses. They demand ethical responsibility from the companies they support.

Conscious consumers actively supports brands that align with their priorities, creating a loyalty that makes it difficult for competitors to change. When conscious consumers buy, they make a statement about their values and priorities.

Government and industry standards have been established and continue to develop as some countries begin to legislate and support our shared responsibility.

The world is watching and judging the environmental impact of our collective actions. A company's image will be perceived by the extent of their efforts to reduce the damage to our atmosphere and ecosystems.

Today's retailers are calling for green packaging solutions.

Progress Luv2Pak has responded to the call.