Why Us

Why Us!

Coordination Programs

coordinated-programsAnyone can make an individual box or bag look good.

Since 1917, we have been successfully developing coordinated packaging programs across a variety of substrates.

Let us ensure that boxes fit into bags and that the printing is consistent among all products, and from run to run.

Cost Minimization

We evaluate all aspects of your program and look for cost-saving, and value-added solutions at all stages, whether paper, ink, gluing, or even freight.

It begins with the right structure and a good layout, because reducing material waste, is not only conscientious, but also contributes to lower cost. The same can be said for container layouts to reduce freight, because further to your packaging’s aesthetics, is the importance of getting them into stores on time.

We understand targets, and take great pride in our supply chain management. 


graphic design

Structural Design

Every good package begins with a good design.

Progress Luv2Pak’s experienced professionals turn creative ideas into structural realities.

We are proud to work with a myriad of materials including cardboard, wood, plastic, and a wide variety of sustainable products including treeless paper and bamboo.

Our concept insures that your functional package has also been designed with a focus on optimized production, to reduce both material and production costs.

Graphic Design

Our clients are among the most image conscious companies in the world, and they have challenged us time and again to step up and break new ground.

Our Graphic Artists excel at maintaining brand identity across a variety of substrates. We speak the language of your marketers, and can offer a fresh perspective on design, at a fraction of the cost in comparison to other sources.


co-packingSince launching co-packing services in 1992, Progress Luv2Pak has packed everything from bath beads to basketballs, coffee beans to candles.

We have designed and packed seasonal gifts for retailers and helped importers minimize inbound freight costs by packing bulk products.

Our co-packing department handles UPC labeling and special unit packs. We adhere to our customers’ toughest quality control standards – such as those in the food and health-and-beauty industries. And not only can we pack the contents, but we can also source and purchase them, then manage the inventory.

Our production ramps up incredibly quickly to any scale, any deadline, around the clock. In short, whatever you need, we’re here for you.

Global Direct Sourcing


Progress Luv2Pak scours the world for the new, improved and different. Our importing contacts date back to the early 60's, and we’ve honed our skills directly over the last three decades in Europe, North America, and the Pacific Rim. As a result, you can benefit from factory-direct pricing on one of the widest in-stock selections anywhere.

Progress Luv2Pak is one of North America’s largest distributors of paper and poly bags. We are also significant importers of decorative tins, zipper garment bags, wood boxes, ribbon, jewelry boxes and many fashionable additions every year.

If you are looking for something different, or see something you like, we will source it for you, and make it yours.

Our 24/7 dedicated on-the-ground Quality Control staff ensures the highest standards when manufacturing abroad.


Among our greatest strengths is our sophisticated logistics service.


Some of the largest chains in North America rely on us for inventory control, warehousing and distribution. From cereal boxes to retail bags, Progress Luv2Pak can stock, store and release, daily, weekly or seasonally, to stores, plants or distribution centers across the continent.

Progress Luv2Pak is no stranger to intricate cross-docking, and our software allows us to optimize, track, and report even the most complex shipping assignments.