Paper Bags


Paper shopping bags are among the best and most popular purveyors of retail corporate identity. Our custom paper shoppers, whether from our domestic plants or from Asia, can be found in an endless array of stock and colours. They can be laminated, unlaminated, or partially laminated for an extra opulence.

At Progress Luv2Pak, we also have a range of unique alternatives to lamination including varnish, U.V. and water-based coatings to meet your budget while achieving your desired effect.

Sustainable Materials / FSC Bags


“Sustainable” materials are those that are naturally and quickly self-replenishing, such as Bamboo or grass-fibre. Many eco-friendly retailers have added or switched to bags that are made of sustainable materials.

Whether from our domestic plants or from Asia, Progress Luv2Pak delivers quality forest-friendly packaging alternatives.

The materials at our disposal are 100% recycled, carbon-neutral at source, and certified forest-friendly by FSCPEFC, and SFI.

Gift Bags (resale)


For decades, Progress Luv2Pak has been creating custom designed shopping bags in every color and for all occasions. With our experience and years of client feedback, we can create every color and every hue for every price-point.

At Progress Luv2Pak, we know that our innovative designs will affect your bottom line, so let us help you be very successful. We also incorporate coordinated fulfillment from start to finish including inserting tissue, adding gift tags and grommets, or delivering them on hang clips so that they are ready for the shelf.

Minimum Custom Packaging Order: 5000 pieces

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